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Server Rules [IMPORTANT!]

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Server Rules [IMPORTANT!]

Post by Nick on Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:11 pm

Hello everybody, on this post is going to be the server rules, please take note and read these.
This is also not final copy, these are subject to change so be aware, check these regularly!

1. No spamming, not tolerated.
2. No excessive caps in the chat.
3. No hacked clients or mods. Instant ban.
4. Respect all players, staff or not.
5. Swearing is allowed, just not at somebody or excessively.
6. No advertising other servers in ANY chat. Even in /msg is not OK.
7. No links in the chat without the permission of a staff member.
8. If you make a staff application, do not bug staff to look at it. We will see it and review it.
9. Griefing is allowed in the wild, this is a towny server, so make a town or join one to protect your goodies.
10. PVP is also allowed in the wild. As soon as you drop down past the wall at spawn, you are vulnerable to death.
11. You are not allowed to grief withing 64 blocks of a claimed area, this is illegal and known as border grief.
12. No teleport killing. You cannot kill someone after teleporting to them. They have to be aware that there will be a fight taking place.
13. No scamming.
14. Exploiting glitches are a no-no, please report it to a staff member.


If you see anyone breaking these rules, please get evidence and report them here on the forums, thanks for your co-operation.


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