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Application Template

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Application Template

Post by Nick on Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:48 pm

Here is the template for the Staff Applications, please follow this to be considered in your applications, failure to do so will result in denial of your application.

In-game name:

Real life name:

Age (Does not matter, just used for referential purposes):

Skype (Required):

How many hours can you play a week?:

Why you want to be a staff member?:

Previous experience?:

Additional info:

What would you do in these scenarios?

Someone is spamming the chat:

Someone is hacking:

Someone accuses you of not doing your job properly:

Thanks for applying, please be patient. These can take their time to be reviewed, bugging staff about reading it will not improve your chance of being accepted, if anything it will be less likely to be accepted if you are pushy.

Good luck!
Nick ~Owner


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